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Gives you the chance to manage a football team to a championship

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It is encouraging when a software developer listens to the concerns expressed by gamers. Such is the case with game developer Sports Interactive. The company took the time to make much needed improvements to the Football Manager series. Football Manager 2013 has a little of the new, and a little of the old. The new is represented by the addition of more modes and decision-making situations that add to the ever-increasing complexities of the game. These complexities have continued to make this game more cumbersome and time consuming.

The old is represented by the fantastic decision to add a "Classic" mode that allows the player to play the game the way it was originally intended to be played. In either mode, the game still provides the gamer with a unique opportunity to manage a Premiere League team and all that entails. In the classic mode, the gamer gets an opportunity to move through different aspects of the season in a more efficient manner. The classic mode also represents a better option for novice managers giving them the opportunity to get their feet wet before they jump into the deep end of the pool.

As with prior versions, Football-Manager-2013 has added more depth and more aspects to consider in managing the team through both the off-season and during games. Sports Interactive has addressed new aspects of managerial responsibilities by adding the ability to design training regimens for individual players or different ways to handle press conferences. Of course, things may still get bogged down. "Cheat Sheets" are now available for purchase. These sheets will help the player effectively navigate areas of the game that are becoming problematic.

As usual, the graphics continue to get better, especially those related to match play. The managerial data sheets still look like spreadsheets, but they are easier to navigate and read. Gamers should enjoy the new "challenge" mode. In this mode, the gamer will have the opportunity to try different solutions to the same managerial issue until they find a solution that works.

Ultimately, Football-Manager-2013 delivers an incredible opportunity for football/soccer fanatics to experience the trials and tribulations that come with managing a big league team in the most popular and stressful sport in the world.


  • Classic Mode - This mode strips away the usual complexities and allows the manager to put more focus on basic decision making.
  • Multi-Player Option - The game has a multi-player option that facilitates participation by up to 32 different managers.
  • Realism - The depth of decision making required brings a tremendous sense of realism to the simulation.


  • Too Complex - After continually adding layers of depth, the game has finally reached a point where the complexities create time issues.
  • Learning Curve - For new players, the learning curve is quite extensive. There are many features to be absorbed before the manager can settle into a smooth flow.

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